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Cotton futures posted slight gains in most contracts on Friday, as thinly traded Oct was down 2 points. New crop exports were raised 700,000 bales to 14.2 million bales, but that was not enough to offset larger production. The USDA cotton AWP is now 62.46 cents/lb through next Thursday, 95 points lower than the previous week. The Cotlook A index for August 10th was unchanged from the previous day at 81.35 cents/lb. The FSA reported 17,882 acres of prevented plant as of August 1, compared to 61,340 acres reported for that same date in 2016. China sold another 25,500 MT of cotton from state reserves on Friday, as they sold 82.57% of the 148,600 MT offered on the week.

Oct 17 Cotton closed at 69.240, down 2 points,

Dec 17 Cotton closed at 68.250, up 14 points

May 18 Cotton closed at 68.540, up 27 points

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