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Cotton futures are mostly 17 to 24 points higher this morning, with thin October in the red. We saw sharp losses on Thursday, as Dec was down the limit on larger than expected 17/18 world ending stocks estimates. The USDA supply and demand report showed 16/17 US ending stocks 400,000 bales lower at 2.8 million bales, but new crop was raised 500,000 bales to 5.8 million bales. Projected US production jumped to 20.55 million bales as USDA increased estimated yield from 816 to 892 pounds per acre. World ending stocks for 17/18 were increased 1.26 million bales to 90.09 million bales. The USDA cotton AWP is now 62.46 cents/lb through next Thursday, 95 points lower than the previous week.
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