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Cotton futures were down another 32 to 62 points today, after July posted losses of 5.03% last week. The AWP is 67.31 cents/lb through Thursday, down 72 points from the previous week. China sold 19,500 MT of cotton offered at an auction of state reserves on Monday, after selling 91,200 MT of the 150,200 MT offered last week. The cotton crop is 94% planted, even with last year and 2% behind the average. The crop is 22% squared up from 21% last year and the average of 20%. Conditions deteriorated by 5% from last week to 61% g/e. The Brugler index rating was down 8 points to 364. The Cotlook A index for June 16 was down 130 points to 83.40 cents/lb.

Jul 17 Cotton closed at 71.390, down 49 points,

Oct 17 Cotton closed at 70.360, down 50 points

Mar 18 Cotton closed at 68.920, down 50 points

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